The Free Magical Mystery Mattress Tour … Of Death

Karma Slaps Rating: 8 out of 10

On the 23rd of September 2016 Sidney Zelaya Gonzalez was mattress surfing on top of a van in Virginia. It is believed that the mattress was a roadside find and that she had claimed it and was in the process of taking it home.

Not having any straps or rope to tie the mattress down Sidney decided to lay on top of it and weight down using the weight of her body.

Unfortunately for her, her weight did not cause adequate friction between the mattress and the roof of the travelling van to hold the mattress in place. Both Sidney and the mattress slid off the moving vehicle and landed with a bang. Unfortunately Sidney’s landing was not broken by the mattress. Her landing caused her demise.

Nathan Probus, a spokesman for the Prince William Police Department said that the van was also being driven by an unlicensed female driver. The police stated that they did not believe that the women were trying to pull off a silly stunt.

It would seem that trying to claim a free roadside mattress was the last thing Sidney Zelaya Gonzalez would do. Let this be a lesson to us all, free stuff is not always the best.

We give this a Karma Slaps rating of 8. She died from doing something stupid but her saving grace is that she 1 didn’t want to risk her friends life and chose to go on top while her friend drove and at least tried to hold the mattress in place preventing it from flying off and causing harm to others but… unfortunately she didn’t consider that it would still fly off in transit taking her with her which ultimately ended in her death.