Karma Slaps Religious Guru Into A Side Order Of Steamed Rice And One Propper Steamed Pudding

Karma Slaps Rating: 10 out of 10

On October 23rd 2017 in the small coastal village of Kuala Sanglang in northern Malaysia a spiritual magician affectionately known as Black Dog attempted a cleansing ritual at the local Taoist temple.

Taoist medium dies in wok during steaming stunt (Part 1)

Trying to cleanse his mind, body and soul Black Dog AKA Mr Lim Ba sat himself in steel tube and steamed himself.

65 year old Mr Lim Ba had been steaming himself without issue for a decade even though his family frequently asked him not to. Unfortunately on this fateful day things didn’t go quite as planned.

Black Dog sat in a lotus meditation position in the giant wok and placed his hands together preparing to mediate. Vegetables, rice and sweetcorn were placed around him, these too were to be cooked and eaten as part of the celebrations.

You cannot knock him for being efficient and doing two things at once. Cleaning your mind, body and soul while cooking a healthy meal for your followers is just genius… isn’t it?

Son Kang Huai said the family had attempted to stop their father from performing the stunt but he refused.

It is claimed that he had performed the stunt successfully many times before proving that he could endure major discomfort using his spiritual powers.

His personal best is said to have been 75 minutes in the steamer.

The giant steel steamer was placed on top of the wok and a fire lit under underneath. It was a big fire.

After thirty or so minutes the guru’s devotees could hear frantic banging coming from within the steamer

“The sounds coming from inside the wok were not regular and not normal so we knew there was something wrong,”

The steamer was quickly lifted off and the guru was found unconscious and shaking with steam billowing up around him.

Mr Lim Ba was half cooked, his body suffered major second-degree burns. He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. He suffered a massive heart attack.

Warning: Horrific Footage.

Taoist medium dies in wok during steaming stunt (Part 2)

“By the time the ambulance arrived, my father had stopped breathing. He underwent a heart bypass last year due to on-and-off breathing difficulties.”

“My mother Chang Siew Hong, my sisters and I are very sad. Our cheerful father has left us forever.”

Karma Slaps has given this a Karma Slaps rating of 10, even though he had done this stunt successfully many times in the past meaning that he had mastered this bizarre trick which should give him a reduce Karma Slaps rating we think it is still a very stupid thing to do and it killed him so yeah… its a full 10 from us!