Karma Slaps Cathedral Thief Into The Path Of Speeding Bus.

Karma Slaps Rating: 10 out of 10

This post nearly got titled Don’t Mess With The Big Man’s Money or Fuck Me! A Bus! and you will see why.

Only a fool would contemplate stealing from God’s congregation in his very own house.

Well that is what this wally did in Kenya in 1999. It was on Sunday the 8th of March at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi when an unnamed middle aged man began taking the money from the donation basket when it was passed around.

Worshipers were astonished to see the man stuffing hands full of cash into his pockets.

Realising that he had been spotted taking the money he quickly hot footed it out of the cathedral. To make his escape the thief ran onto a busy highway but unfortunately for him he also ran right into the path of a speeding bus.

The bus hit him hard and he was killed. The verdict of the death was… an act of god! Or Karma as we say here.

Karma Slapped this man to hell… what? You don’t think he would get into heaven after stealing from a cathedral do you? You don’t mess with the big man’s money!

Stealing from the master of the Universe in his very own home can only end one way really and this is why he gets a Karma Slaps rating of 10 out of 10.