Karma Justice Is Served To 2 Burger King Workers In Fatal Fake Robbery

Karma Slaps Rating: 8 out of 10

This tale of karma is now 18 years old but serves a good reminder of what NOT to do when you are feeling a little greedy.

Two managers of a Burger King store – Lisa 22 the night manager and the 34 year old day manager – decided to stage a fake robbery and arson of their own store.

Arson? Yes, you read that right… They staged a fake robbery where Lisa was bound up with duct tape and put into the walk-in cooler. Pretending to be a victim of the robbery Lisa sat in the cooler while her friend started a small fire in a waste basket and robbed the tills of over $4000.

Part of their thinking when coming up with this brilliant plan was that Lisa would be rescued by the local fire department and saved. Unfortunately the fire didn’t take hold (did I just say unfortunately about a fire not starting?) and just smouldered through the night until the morning shift arrived who found the smouldering bin.

Once the fresh air from the now open door hit the fire it erupted and the fire department were called. The police arrested her fellow robber who was found with a Burger King bag stuffed with cash. Tearfully she confessed a to the fake robbery and explained to the fuzz that her now dead friend Lisa had been involved from the start.

Her account was verified by the police when they studied Lisa’s body. It showed no sign of struggle or forced restraint. The duct tape had not been wrapped around her tightly and was in fact so loose that she could have freed herself at anytime and escaped from the unlocked cooler.

So the moral of this story is don’t be so stupid to rob your own place of works, don’t sit in a freezer all night or try to start a fire. If the cold hadn’t killed Lisa the fire had it caught on  probably would have.

Someone died from doing something stupid… it wasn’t an obvious straight forward death like trying to punch a poisonous snake so for that we give it a Karma Slaps Rating of 8 out of 10