About Karma Slaps

Karma Slaps brings you all the strangest, funniest and down right weird deaths, injuries and goings on by people who seriously underestimated Karma.

Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action. Your actions will have consequences. In the Western religion and philosophies it is better known as the law of cause and effect or what you reap is what you sow.

Whatever you do, it will have a specific result. Every act or decision will bring back a result. It can be a good result or a bad result, you decide what result you get by the actions you take. If you wrestle naked with a bear while drunk… the result could be serious injuries or death … if you read about a person who wrestled naked with a bear while drunk the result could be a lot of uncontrollable laughing.

Simply putting it… If you do something stupid, be prepared for a Karma Slap!!